From the study of the human heart to life-saving training in CPR, Rome Middle School students got a good look at how the body’s systems work. And with the help of Atrium Health Floyd, students walked away from the lesson with a certification that can help them know what their role is in an emergency.

Lauren Rogers teaches the healthcare science class at Rome Middle School. She was excited about the opportunity for her students to learn from industry professionals who were on campus to pass on valuable information related to the healthcare field.

“This is important because we talk about the different body systems and how they work to make us healthy,” Rogers explained. “We were able to see cadaver hearts and identify the different effects things like smoking can have on our bodies. This is a great skill for students who are in their age group. It is not common from students this young to be certified in CPR.”

Rogers said the certification will be issued by the American Heart Association and will last for two years.

“Our goal is to skim the surface of healthcare and get them excited about what is possible for people with a career in healthcare. I just want to spark their interest. When they get to the high school, they will be exposed to deeper study. I have found that our kids really love this class and they have found out that giving CPR is a lot more work than they have anticipated,” Rogers said.

As always, Rogers was appreciative to Atrium Health Floyd for supporting their school.

“The folks from Atrium Health Floyd are always super awesome and always willing to help. We want to thank them for spending time with our students.”

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